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  • Vietnamese Youth Educational Association - Vietnamese Youth Educational Associationof Washington.
  • Au Lac Institute - Au Lac Institute - technical training forVietnamese
  • Moi Thu Viet Nam - Choi Co Tuong (cac hinh ve la quan ao cua VietNam the ky 14-16 do hoa sy ViVi Vo HUng Kiet thuc hien). Danh bai tren mang luoi nhen
  • scholarship - chuong trinh quy hoc bong danh cho cac em o Canada
  • New Hanlin homepage -'s Harvard educated staff assists Asian and Asian Americanstudents applying to US schools and universities. Services include applicationessay review and strategic consulting
  • Vietnamese Language Homepage - Vietnamese homepage of Arizona State University
  • Vietnamese Association for Computing, Engineering Technology - Worldwide Associations of Vietnamese in the technical fields.
  • Va(n Ho'a Va(n Ho.c Vie^.t Nam - Co^? Va(n, Va(n Ho'a va(n Ho.c, Truye^.n Tho* Tu*. Lu*.c Va(n Ddoa`n, Chat Server more and more
  • romoting geneal computer literacy - Learn and help others learn computer and internet technology. Promote easyaccessibility to freeware and share.

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